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Hey Project
A healthy mind in a healthy body!A healthy mind in a healthy body!A healthy mind in a healthy body! A healthy mind in a healthy body!


Healthy European Youth

slovacia Slovakia

Stredna Odborna Skola, Levice, Slovakia

1. The logo of the project

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2. The initial questionnaire

3. The ID Card (Video Presentation Of The School)

4. The Erasmus+ Wall

Erasmus+ Wall Stredna Odborna Skola, Levice, Slovakia

5. The Promotional Brochure

6. Opening Day

7. Adventure on The Map

Sport Calendar - 2015

We celebrated the Europe Day - 9th of May 2015

Sports Dictionary

Questionnaire/Survey - How healthy is your diet?


- interpretation os the questionnaire -

Our students picking up fruit

Fruit and vegetables - our friends, exhibition realized in December 2015

January and February 2016 activities: visiting a milk factory, animals farm and meeting a nutritionist

Dairy Products and Health

Magazine No.2

Healthy Food, Healthy Body

Magazine No.3



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